17 Traits of Every Successful Salesman Who Ever Sold Anything

successful salesmanEveryone who has ever started a sales career had the desire to be a successful salesman or saleswoman. Not one person in sales has ever thought “I do not want to succeed” nor be successful. Not one. There are those who started a career in sales that fizzled out. They didn’t become the success they intended.

This brings me to my question for you today. What are the 17 traits of every successful salesman who ever sold anything? Do you have them? Do you even know what they are? I’m sure you know some of them while others you may not. I suggest you take a look at yourself, your position, and your path to success and learn and develop these 17 traits. They just may help you sell more.

Traits of a Successful Salesman

Being a good sales person is not enough. You want to be much more, you want to be successful. In order to be the successful salesman you know you can be, you have to have these 17 traits or at least develop them during your early years of your career. the sooner you start the more success you will attain during your sales career.

Let’s take a look to see how you measure up.

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      1. Pleased. Are you pleased with yourself? Your career choice? The decision you made to start a career in sales? You have to be pleased with your choices to achieve success.
      2. Freedom. You want the freedom a career in sales can afford. From monetary freedom to the freedom to choose how to direct your career path.
      3. Discipline. If you are not disciplined, your career will suffer. You have to have discipline to succeed. There is no taking shortcuts to becoming a successful salesman.

These are just the first few of the 17 traits you must develop if you want true success. You will not be the successful salesman by simply developing these without studying and applying the entire list.

To be the complete salesperson, having great success as you see yourself doing, you must possess the entire list of the 17 traits.

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