advantages-of-sellingOne thing I learned a long time ago is the fact that selling is the highest paid hard work, and the lowest paid easy work on the face of the earth.

There are six advantages of selling as a professional salesperson. Selling is not only an honorable profession it is also a life-style. Selling is a part of you that expresses who you really are more than any other income-producing career.

The 6 Advantages of Selling

  • Advantage 1 It is freedom of expression. You can be yourself, do what you want to do. No activity is more dependent on individual initiative than selling.
  • Advantage 2 You have the freedom to become as successful as you would like to be.
  • Advantage 3 Selling is a daily challenge. To the salesperson, every day is an adventure. Working as a salesperson, you can go from the heights of exhilaration to the depths of discouragement. The next day you can climb back to the heights again.
  • Advantage 4 It offers high potential returns from a low capital investment.
  • Advantage 5 Selling is fun. There are excessively many people who are not having fun with the career they have chosen. If it is not fun, you are in trouble.
  • Advantage 6 The sixth advantage of selling is the fact that it is satisfying. The better you are at sales, the more you benefit others. Your clients, your family and the economy all benefit when you are a professional salesperson.
  • Bonus Advantage No one limits your growth but you. If you want to earn more, learn more. Selling stimulates your personal growth. There has never been a great sales person who was born great. Never stop learning, never stop reviewing.
  • Realizing Your Potential
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    Bonus Lesson
    The Five Basics That Will Make You As Great as You Want to Be

    Great salespeople simply do the basics very well. Some of you reading this would like to believe that there is a shortcut around the basics. Well, let me pop that bubble now. There are no shortcuts.

    First Basic — Prospecting. If you don’t like to prospect, it’s because no one has taught you the professional way to do it. Hint: Social Media and Your Blog.

    Second Basic — Making contact. There is a professional way to contact prospects and others that are not so much.

    Third Basic — Qualifying. Too many salespeople spend most of their time talking to the wrong people.

    Fourth Basic — Handling Objections. If you handle an objection poorly, you loose. Learn how to handle the objection effectively.

    Fifth Basic — Closing. If you are not helping your clients and prospects to see the benefit in purchasing your products or services, then everything else is of little value.

    Bonus Basic — Building Relationships. If you want long term success in your sales career, you need to learn relationship building.

    6 Advantages of Selling as a Professional Salesperson
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