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Awesome! Hi, I’m your new sales rep. Yep, I’m your blog. That’s right your blog. I’m here to work for you 24/7 around the clock. I never sleep, I am always promoting your business and brand. Heck, I can even generate leads for you. And I do it even while you sleep, dreaming of a highly successful sales career. I can even help make those dreams come true.

How? When you subscribe. I’ll help you understand why every salesperson, sales manager and business must have a blog. You have absolutely nothing to lose so why not go for it?

What do you think? Shoot, I’ll even send you a 10-Point Sales Checklist and my free eBook, Mastering the Secrets when you do.

Just fill in your information and let’s get your sales career in high gear.

new sales rep

About New Sales Rep
Now that I have your attention, let me tell you a bit about and what it is all about.

New Sales Rep is a place where you can get valuable, straightforward experience based knowledge about sales and why your blog is one of the best sales reps you can ever have working for you.

It’s for new sales reps, seasoned sales pros, sales managers, customer service reps and business owners wanting to promote their business.

The focus is on providing straightforward sales advice and information that will help you grow in your career, promote your business by using your blog to out sell your competition.

This is not just another site full of fluff. There are plenty of those.

What you will get is a proven path to sales success, stuff that works. When you take action on the ideas, tips, techniques and advice, you get positive results.

Experience Based Knowledge
Here’s a bit of what I have to offer you.

    ► Sales experience – Over 34 years in the sales distribution industry…
    ► Sales management – Leading sales teams to higher productivity…
    ► Distribution operations – Process applications that get results…
    ► Customer service – Advice that builds loyal customers.

The Journey

I’ll take you on a journey sharing with you the knowledge that I have accumulated during more than three decades of my sales career. I’ll give you lots of valuable nuggets that you can apply to your career and life that will help you be the best you, that you can possibly be.

You will experience a more complete sales career if you follow this principle.

Only the Best is Good Enough

Now A Bit About Me

You can always contact me here.

new sales rep ocha nixAbout Ocha’s Career
I got my education while in the United States Marine Corps. After studying electronics, I became the liaison to battalion leaders as a company consultant. I was meritoriously promoted twice, achieving the rank of E-5, sergeant in under three years.

My sales career started in the sales distribution industry 34 years ago. I started as a phone and counter salesman in the electronic distribution industry where I later advanced to outside sales and then area sales manager.

Being responsible for all aspects of the sales process and customer service, I have come to fully understand one thing that is now embedded in my gut. The fact that the potential to be great is in you just waiting to burst out. You simply have to tap into it to be the very best at what you do.

That is where I am now. I am here to help you find your passion so that you can get better at what you do. It’s time for you to start making a difference, grow your career, increase your business by using the power of blogging.

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