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Achieving Goals. How many times have you set goals but never achieved them? I’ll bet you it’s a number that you can’t recall. Setting goals and achieving goals are two entirely different actions.

How to set goals that you can achieve simply takes the right commitment. Commit, if you recall is the first C in sales success. And life.

Achieving Goals with Imaging

I want you to try this simple exercise. Close your eyes and remember something that you achieved in your career. Something that makes you the most proud you have ever been. Can you see yourself accepting a sales award? Maybe it’s that special vacation you took with your family.

Chances are you can see that image as clear as the day it occurred. That’s the power of positive imaging. You fix an image in your mind of a goal you want to achieve. In doing so, you make the commitment to achieve it.

Achieving goals by using the power of positive imaging is something anyone can do. It won’t happen in an instant, but as you learn how to harness this awesome power of your mind, you will realize how much you can accomplish.

Make the Commitment
The very best resource to help you learn how achieving goals using positive imaging actually works, is in the book written by Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Imaging. The stories are inspiring, the people are real, and the ability is in you.

You no longer have the option to whine about not hitting your goals. Excuses are a thing of the past. All you have to do is commit. Commit to taking the first step by getting a copy of this exciting book. Read it, study it, read it again, commit.

Your sales career can be just another job you have to do, or it can be an exciting way of life. You choose. Commit. Or not.

The Power of Positive Imaging

Achieving Goals with the Power of Positive Imaging
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