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Do you consider yourself a salesperson? Do you think you are pretty good at it? If you ask questions to get answers, then maybe you are. But if you ask questions to provide solutions, then chances are you are a better salesperson. But there is more.

Ask Questions to Get Answers

When you ask questions of your prospects and clients, that’s good. But if all you are seeking is an answer, then you need to reconsider your motive as to why you are in sales.

Asking a question simply to get an answer is somewhat lame. What you should be doing is to ask questions that will give you insight as to how you can provide a solution for your client or prospect.

They Need Solutions

Prospects have pains and they need solutions. You need to be that solution. If you are, you win. If you are not, you lose.

But how do you answer the questions your prospects and clients are asking when you are not around? Can you provide an answer and solution on their time schedule? What if they don’t call you? Worse, what if you don’t call them?

The Solution
There is a way to ask the right questions to provide the right solutions about your product, your company or yourself. Even when you are not available.

Maybe you are on vacation. You could be in an important meeting. (closing a deal) Regardless, there are times when you are just not available to answer the questions your clients may have.

Ah, but there is a way.

It’s your blog. Think about it for a moment. You have a question. You want an answer so you can solve an issue. Where do you find your answers? The internet. Google. Search engines. The the exact same places your customer looks for solutions when you are not around.

Your blog is that question asking, answer machine that provides solutions to exactly what your prospects and clients are looking for. It’s easy to ask questions to get answers so that you can provide solutions on your blog. And it works when you are not around.

My question to you is this. If you don’t have a blog, why not? It can be the most effective sales rep you will ever know. You can be, actually, you should be posting your answers and solutions to the questions being asked on your blog.

Once you do, you can then direct your prospects and your valued customers to your blog where they can research for themselves. They find answers and solutions on your site. Not the other guy’s site.

And it is right there for them any time of day or night. Even while you are on vacation or closing another deal.

What you will need.

If you need help getting started with a blog, there are a couple things you will need. One, you will need a web hosting company. I use HostGator. These guys rock. They will provide technical assistance if you are not so tech savy. (But you need to learn a bit about it. Your life will be much easier.)

Once you have selected your domain and registered it with HostGator, you will want to install WordPress. From there, you can start writing your solutions to the questions being asked of you.

Believe you can. Create a path. Communicate your thoughts.

It all starts when you ask questions to get answers. Then provide the solutions. You win.

Ask Questions to Get Answers Then Provide Solutions or You Lose
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