Ask Your Customer Questions – The Answers are a Goldmine

customer-questionsCustomer questions are the gold mine of your sales career. Here’s Why

I recently sent out an email to about fifteen sales people asking them one question. I wanted to know what the top 5 customer questions were that they get while making sales calls.

That’s it, nothing more. I did not give them any explanation other than I would answer each of their questions in a blog post.

A few days after asking the question, I’m sad to say, that only four of the fifteen responded. Actually, there was one other and his response was, “my customers don’t ask me any questions” which you and I know is just a way of avoiding having to think.

Do you know what your top five customer questions are? If not, here’s why you should.

Customer Questions Are a Gold Mine

Think about this for a second. If your customer has a question, especially one that your product could solve, don’t you think you would want to know? Duh. (I like the way that word sort of sums up a thought) Of course, you would.

Anytime you have the opportunity to solve a customer’s problem, you become the hero. You step into that phone booth and bust out in your Superman outfit. You become the one your customer will call the next time he has an issue.

On The Other Hand
Now let’s say you are the typical “Joe Salesman” who shows up at your customer’s door, unannounced and you start jabbering about the latest widget your company is offering. (I say offering because as you will see, you are not selling because you are not asking)

Mr. Customer cuts you short, not because he is rude rather because he has other issues and you are not asking the right customer questions to find out what his current needs are. He sends you on your way. No sale!

What Could You Have Done Differently?
You already know. You could have asked your customer questions. When you ask your customers and potential customers direct questions, you will then be able to tap into the gold mine that lies beneath.

Remember, you are in sales and your lifeblood is asking customer questions related to their issues. Knowing the problem is the only way to solve it with your offer.

One Step Further
Here’s something to think about. What if you had a blog where you answered these questions for everyone to find your answers? (you become the expert again). How powerful is that?

Think about it.

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