Auto reply message. One important part of communicating most people overlook, is the opportunity to continue to stay in contact with customers and prospects even while you are away. This doesn’t mean you have to be tied down by your cell phone or email. This nugget is much better.

You’ve been planning a getaway vacation for several months now. Everything is set. That is everything except your auto reply message. Your packed and ready to head out for a couple of weeks of relaxation. You hastily record or write some lame message that tells customers and prospects you are on vacation. You instruct them to call the office for help and maybe even suggest one of your associates to help them. But there is a problem with this thought process.

How to Use Your Auto Reply Message

The thing is, nobody knows your business like you do. Your associates don’t know your customers like you do. YOU are their point of contact. Not the other guy in the office. (No offense, but your customers want you to help them with their issues.)

How many times have you set up your auto reply message in haste? Have you even used an auto reply message?

Here is my number one suggestion on how to use this excellent tool to stay in contact and even keep selling while you are on vacation.

Send callers to your blog. If you don’t have one, shame on you. Start one today.

Here’s why your blog is such a vital part of selling and why you should use your auto reply message to direct callers or emails to it.

  • It is never out of the office.
  • It never goes on vacation.
  • It never sleeps.
  • It is always promoting your business.
  • It gathers leads when you are away.
  • It is your most important asset.
  • and…it keeps your customers and prospects on your turf.

  • When you use an auto reply message, send those trying to contact you to your blog. That’s how they find your solution to their issues. Will your blog cover every issue they have? No. But your competition doesn’t get the chance to steal them away either if they are reading your solutions.

    A blog tied in with your auto reply message is simply a smart way to do business.

    Nuggets you can use.
    Hopefully you have already written some awesome content about some of your best products or services. It’s those posts that you want to direct people to.

    Example of auto reply message.

    Awesome! Can you believe it? I’m actually taking a vacation. I’m looking forward to a great time.

    But…That doesn’t mean I’m leaving you in the cold while I’m out. I have a few ideas for you on my blog that I think will help you better understand how my product works.

    You can access it right here. (The page you link to should have several resources including a contact form so your customers and prospects can leave you a message.)

    If you still need more information, just leave me a note on the contact form. It goes straight to my email. Just as soon as I get back in, I’ll get right on it for you.

    (Be sure to include the office contact and phone number along with any relevant information for your customers.)

    Better than a “me too”
    So what do you think? Don’t be just like every other boring auto reply message. Be Awesome! Stand out. Provide a bit of the Wow! factor. Anyone who gets a message like this will remember not only the message, they will remember you.

    You are telling them you too, deserve a little time away but they are important to your business and you have customized a special resource page special just for them.

    Let me challenge you to try something like this the next time you are going to be out of the office or on vacation. Who knows, your prospect just may become a new customer by leaving you a purchase order.

    How awesome would that be?

    I would love to know your thoughts. There is a comment box at the bottom of the page just for you to leave your thoughts.

    Your Turn

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    What Does Your Auto Reply Message Have to Say
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