Be The Best You Can Be Before You Forget How

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be the best you can beEarly on in my sales career, I moved from one company to another who was larger and more aggressive in the market. They were the best. In fact, their motto was “Only the Best is Good Enough” which had a certain ring to it. I wanted to be among the best.

I thought to myself, to be the best you can be, you have to start with images of success. I had to visualize myself as being successful before I forgot how.

After a few weeks with this new company, I went to the corporate headquarters for training. It wasn’t product training or some skimpy thought out sales training. It was full blown be the best you can be sales training. I wasn’t sure what to expect except that I knew I was going to succeed.

Be the Best You Can Be

I didn’t know exactly what to expect but as the first day started I was even more excited. I did however know I had to be successful. So I made it my goal to be the best me that I possibly could.

Though I had been in a sales position for several years prior, this formalized sales training was new. It was a bit scary knowing there would be role play which can scare even seasoned pros, but nonetheless, I was eager to jump in to learn all I could.

As the first couple of days progressed, I became more comfortable with the role play, which was an accomplishment in and of itself, and actually found myself enjoying the entire process.

We had our agendas, our outlines, the processes, everything we needed which all led to, be the best you can be.

Making the Cut
Unfortunately, some of the new sales reps choked badly, but eventually got past it to complete the class. Actually, everyone in the classed completed the training.

The last day, before we closed our training manuals, there was one last thing on the agenda. We had to vote. Each of the thirty-five or so new reps had to vote on the one who we felt did the best overall. We had to vote for who we thought was the best new sales rep in the class.

After the votes were tallied, only one person would win the prize.

Humbly, I accepted the Mont Blanc pen. Yes, I was voted the best new sales rep of the class. More importantly, I understood that when you tell yourself, be the best you can be, you can be.

Your goal should not be to be the best as compared to others, rather be the best you can be compared to yourself. You set your standards, you do the work, you become that which you image yourself to be.

Put a picture of your success in your mind then go make it a reality.

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