Effective Sales Closing Techniques that Start Before the Close

effective sales closing techniquesEffective sales closing techniques start long before you get to the closing phase of your sales presentation. Closing actually starts before you even contact the prospect. Think of it this way. You want to purchase a new car. What do you do first? You start searching online for the car of your dreams. You already have a good idea of what you want, therefore your first contact is the internet.

After you define your requirements, you start looking at specific dealers in your area. You are able to find out just about everything you want and need to know before you ever take a trip to their showroom. The closing process has already started.

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Effective Sales Closing Techniques

The internet is your first opportunity to start using effective sales closing techniques. You company’s website should lead prospects down a path that will lead to a long term, loyal customer.

Your online presence should not be limited to just your company’s website. You yourself, as a new sales rep, should have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Linkedin page at the least. Take advantage of all the social media sites. Use them to your advantage by giving your audience and prospects reasons to buy from you. Start building loyalty. Start with these effective closing techniques.

Set Yourself Up as the Expert

You are the expert. You know your product in and out. You know the good and the not so good about it.

But do you know how to use your knowledge to your best sales advantage? Along with using the social media platforms to show prospects and customers you are the best choice, blog about it.

The reason this is such an important part of effective sales closing techniques, is the fact that you yourself start with the internet. You read product reviews, you want to know what others have to say. Why shouldn’t your prospects find you and learn what you have to say about your products?

You are the #expert. You know your product in and out. You know the good and the not so good about it. #nsr Click To Tweet

In conclusion, the very best and most effective sales closing techniques start long before you ever utter a word to a new prospect. Let your online presence do the talking for you. Be the expert, build the relationships, then close the deal.

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