getting-started-in-salesI can remember as I was first getting started in sales, how I thought it was going to be a breeze. I enjoy talking with people, asking them about themselves and getting to know them. I was thinking, “shoot, this sales stuff is going to be easy.” That was over 33 years ago and I’m still learning.

You may be just getting started in sales thinking the same thing, or you may be second guessing yourself asking why sales?

I’ve interviewed people for sales positions and it strikes me funny how that one common thought they all had is, “I love to talk to people. I have the gift of gab.”

My response. So?

You see, just because you never meet a stranger and you can talk to anybody about anything doesn’t mean you can sell them. Believe me, it takes much more than a “gift of gab” to be good as a salesperson. Especially if you are a new sales rep.

Getting Started In Sales

You see, there is a method to becoming a good salesperson. But if you want to be a great one, you have to continue to hone your skills. You have to learn new ones. You can never stop learning.

Just like here at New Sales Rep, you can’t stop learning. Ten years ago, I could hardly build a website or blog, but I learned how. Five years ago I wasn’t very good at spreadsheets, but I learned. When I was first getting started in sales I didn’t sell much, but I learned new skills.

Point being, you have to start somewhere. Normally you start as a new sales rep, a newbie who knows little about the intricacies of the sales process.

My suggestion to you, learn at every opportunity. Read everything. Practice. Fail. Practice some more. Learn. Grow. Become a professional salesperson and never quit, and never stop learning.

One of the books I read early on, set the foundation of my sales career. It talks about the fact that there is more beyond a satisfied customer. Lots more.

As you read it you will learn how customers think. You will learn how you should think of customers.

You will learn how to build a loyal following of customers who will want to buy your stuff.

If you are a new sales rep, if you are just getting started in sales, this is one of the many books I have read. I suggest you read it too.

Get it Here on Amazon.

After you read it, come back to let me know what you learned.

One last thing. To be the best, you need to understand the elements of success and what it takes to be the best. Download my new eBook and learn the secrets.


When I Was First Getting Started In Sales I Knew Nothing
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