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Lately I've been thinking back to when I started this site. I had in mind who I wanted to serve. It was the new sales rep. Those of you just getting started in sales. I wanted to serve those who wanted to "be successful in sales" with a fire in their belly. The hungry ones. Is that you? If it is, keep reading. I have something I want to talk to you about.

Getting Started in Sales

Since you are just getting started in sales, this is for you. Along your journey you will find those who want to "give you advice" but do they want to really help you? Not that there is anything wrong with advice but you need to discern what you need from what people tell you.

I do my best to give you straightforward advice based on my personal experiences. Like the time I was calling on a buyer at a manufacturing plant who kept putting me off.

Though I was doing some business with her maintenance department, I could never get the appointment with her. This was when I was just getting started in sales myself.

I never gave up.

I kept learning about the processes and how her company went to market. I was persistent, but never pushy. I would send her articles related to their business that I thought she would have an interest in reading. I did my homework.

I would send a personalized note letting her know what I was doing with her maintenance team. Little things that were hard for her to ignore. Then finally the day came. She actually called me.

We set up an appointment to meet. The results? I got her business. She and I did business together for several years till I finally moved on to work for another company.

Down the road.

After some time, I called on her again with the new company I was working for. She gave me the appointment on my first call. What she told me was something you need to know since you are just getting started in sales.

She let me know that the reason she gave me her business a few years earlier, was because I was persistent. I was understanding of her company's needs with a real sense of wanting to serve.

Nothing earth shattering. I was just being real. Being myself while putting the needs of her and her company first. I was there to serve.

Be a servant.

Do you have a servant's mindset as a salesperson? You should. Not because you are just getting started in sales, but because it will set you apart from so many other salespeople vying for the same piece of business.

Be a servant. Be successful in sales. It's up to you.

When Getting Started in Sales You Must Learn to Serve
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