good marketing strategyI have never bought a new car from one of those loud, screaming, ranting car sales guys you see on the typical car dealership commercial. I don’t consider it a good marketing strategy either.

Don’t misunderstand, they are doing their job and selling big-ticket items.

However, I truly believe that if they would give up the screaming as part of their marketing strategy, they would sell even more cars. Have you ever bought a car from one of the loud guys?

Loud is Not a Good Marketing Strategy?

One that woks is a simple answer but you and I know it’s much more than that. This is what I think a good marketing strategy should consist of. Your marketing has to be effective. This list is not an all-inclusive list but if you don’t incorporate these four points into your strategy, you are missing the mark.

  1. Keep it Simple – A good marketing strategy isn’t about loud, it is about creating interest with a person that results in the exchange of their money for your product. You must keep it simple enough for your target audience to understand what you are saying. Peak their interest with a simple reason as to why they should seek you out.

  2. Keep it Relevant – If a customer comes in looking for a camping tent, don’t take them over and show them all your hiking boots just because they are on sale. Sell him the tent first. After all, that is exactly what they want. Keep it relevant to what your customer wants. Then you can suggest a great pair of hiking boots.

  3. Keep it Interesting – There are better ways than screaming and being the loud like the guy on TV. That may interest you but it annoys your customer. You keep it interesting by asking questions, which are simple and relevant to what your customer wants. Listen to them when you ask the questions because they will tell you exactly what they are interested in purchasing.

  4. Keep it Real – Loud normally indicates you are some hyperactive crazed lunatic, especially in a sales situation. Just be yourself, be real. If you are the loud type, then fake it. Well not really but you get the point. People will see through you like that clean glass the birds fly into on the window cleaning commercial if you are not real.

good marketing strategy

The Core of Good Marketing

Every good marketing strategy will have at its core, the customer first followed by these four good marketing strategy points.

Let me give you a good example. A woman came into the janitorial supply store where I work as a sales consultant. She was looking for products to strip and wax her floor. After asking her a few questions, this is what I found out. She had never stripped and waxed a floor in her life. She had no clue as to how many steps and processes there were, yet she was determined to get the job done, herself.

After explaining to her, the various steps in a very basic way she quickly realized this job just may be bigger than she was.  My explanation was simple and her understanding was quite relevant to the job at hand.

To keep it interesting I suggested she go ahead and purchase the products required to do the job. I recommended that she let me put her in contact with a contractor who could do the job for her giving her the results she wanted. That made it real for her and to this day, she keeps coming back for other supplies.

Make it Habit

I incorporate these for points every time I discuss situations like this with my customers and potential customers. It is part of my marketing strategy, one that I suggest that you at least consider to be a part of yours as well.

You’re Up

Do you have other good marketing strategies you use? I would love to hear them. Post them below.

A Good Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be Loud
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