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You have been in sales for awhile and have some selling experience, but how does a salesman sell even while sleeping? It’s not as difficult as you may think.

I fell in love with sales and using my influence to get to “yes” and closing the deal. Starting out I did it the old fashioned way, I threw enough mud on the wall till some of it stuck. Oh but how times and selling have changed. So how does a salesman, or saleswoman sell while sleeping?

How Does a Salesman Sell While Sleeping?

This may sound a bit strange, but there is a way. No longer will selling techniques work as well as they did 30 or even 10 years ago. The internet has changed the playing field and it is changing faster today than ever.

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When I started in sales, I too thought I was going to set the world on fire. Knock on a few doors and reap the rewards. But that is not how a salesman sells in today’s market.

A few years ago, I read that you had to actually write to become an even better salesman. That got my attention. It resonated with me like a light bulb shining in the dark.

When I read this I found it to drive home my point that a salesperson should have a blog to influence more people therefore making more money.

This simple statement was enlightening. A salesman can only sell to one person at a time. Whereas sales copy can sell to thousands at a time.

Selling in Today’s Digital Market

I then realized that answered the question of how does a salesman sell even while sleeping. It is a simple reality that can generate more leads and more sales than you alone can do.

In other words, if you are in sales it’s not just about seeing everyone in every business in a given territory. It’s more about writing and letting everyone in every part of the world, (at least your market area) about how your products and services will change their lives.

The only way you can do this is to write about it, the good, the bad and how you can solve the problem.

But be aware, if you can’t solve the problem of a potential or existing customer, let them know then provide them with a referral of someone who can.

They will love you for it and look you up the next time they have a problem. Keep it real, keep it simple and keep the customers.

Your Solutions

When you write an article then publish it to your blog, you have the potential of creating more energy. Energy that will result in more sales than if you were still driving from one sales call to the other. One-at-a-time just doesn’t cut it in a digital world.

So just how does a salesman sell more even while sleeping? You use your knowledge of your products, your strength, your reputation and your blog. That’s how. Yes, you must have a blog to tell the world your story, and how you can solve their problems with your products.

If you don’t have a blog yet, I highly suggest you get started. Your competition already has.

Your Turn
How do you sell? One customer at a time? Or do you use your blog to reach thousands? Let me know by posting your comments below.

How Does a Salesman Sell Even While Sleeping?
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