how-to-build-confidenceYou are just starting your sales career. You are pumped up about all the possibilities that are ahead of you in your new career. But you are lacking one element that if you had more of, you just know your career would zoom to a higher level.

That one element, the one element you need, is confidence. You have to build confidence if you are new to sales. Without it, you are going to have a hard time getting your sales career off the ground.

You Have to Know How to Build Confidence

What if you don’t know how to approach prospects? Maybe you stink at setting appointments. Could it be you are uncertain whether you need to cold call or not? Do your clients have confidence in you?

These are just a few thoughts that are dominating your mind. You know you can make it in your sales career, but you just don’t feel confident in what you are doing.

Let me tell you something. That’s okay. Not every new sales rep starts their career with all the confidence needed to succeed. For some it does come rather naturally, but for many, you have to practice building your confidence everyday.

As long as you know how to build confidence, you have the hard part licked.

Asking for Help Is Okay
One of the first things I learned when I was a new sales rep, was to ask questions. There were the so called “open ended” questions you were suppose ask in order to find out more about the prospect or customer.

You wanted to know their status. How confident are they in their current situation. Asking the hard questions that would get you inside their emotions was top priority.

However, my confidence in this part of the process early on was, to say the least, lacking. I knew I had to learn how to build confidence. I had to show the prospects and clients that I was worthy of their time and my product was worthy of their purchase order.

Getting Down to Business
Because I knew I had to build confidence, I started doing just that. For me, I started reading everything that had anything to do with sales and self improvement. I was a sponge for it.

Knowledge builds confidence faster than anything else. If you want to increase your confidence to the point that prospects and clients see that you are the one with the knowledge to solve their problems, this is what I recommend you do.

Let me show you how to build confidence so you can be the difference your prospects and clients are looking for.


How to Build Confidence if You Are New to Sales
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