how to get better referrals

How to Get Better Referrals

Referrals are a great way to get new business. But  you want to know how to get better referrals. Right? And you want to know how  you do it without screwing up a relationship? In an email I recently received from Chris Brogan, he explained exactly how you do this. Pretty simple really, but will you do it?

Here's how to get started...

5 Steps to Getting the Referral

What do you think when the word referral comes up in business? Most salespeople think they are supposed to ask their customer to recommend them to someone else. That's only partly true.

There are actually 5 steps to getting the best referrals. When I say referral, I mean someone who is looking to do business with someone like you. Oh, if you want to follow Chris Brogan, you can do so here.

Just about every study you read will say that the #1 way to increase your business is by referrals. So you want to know how to get better referrals?

Use these 5 steps.

    1. You've Got to Be Good - Being good is one thing but being really good at what you do is another. If you are not the best, if you are not good at what you do, then why in the world would you expect someone to refer you? You wouldn't and they won't.

    2. Be a Referrer - When you refer business to others, word gets around. You become the one people will turn to when they are looking for new business. In turn, they will be happy to refer you too. Happy customers make better referrers.

    3. Easy Breezy - When you tell others what you do, it has to be easy for them to tell others. If they don't understand you, how in the world could someone else understand the one referring? Make it clear. Make it simple.

    4. Your Ideal Customer is... - Explain who your ideal customer is in enough detail that there is no question what type of people and business you want to do business with. Better referrals start with understanding.

    5. Master the Introduction - If you are connecting two people to do business, this is the best way. Send a note (email) to person A asking if they are looking for customers. Next send a note to person B to ask if they would like to know someone who does what they are doing. Now send a note to both to introduce them and step back. Let the business between them happen.

This is how to get better referrals in return. You help someone else in business by referring. Being a good referrer results in more business via referrals.

Getting better referrals is not rocket science. Shoot, it's not even brain surgery. It's just people helping other people.

But do you want to know something? You probably won't do this. Most people won't. But if you do decide to try it, this is how you get better referrals.

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Till next time. Be Awesome!

How to Get Better Referrals Without Screwing Up the Relationship
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