Positive Imaging The Most Effective Sales Technique You Can Use

effective sales technique

You just landed your dream sales job. You are pumped to the max, ready to set new sales records beyond all expectations. All the tools you need are at your disposal. You can hardly wait to make sale after sale, hitting your goals, achieving every sales award your company has to offer.

There’s just one problem. You keep hearing no, meeting after meeting, call after call. It is always the same. No Sale. You can’t imagine what the problem is. You’re motivated, you know your product, you are doing everything you should be doing, yet there are no sales.

The Most Effective Sales Technique

Fortunately, there is a simple solution that will correct your situation resulting in a wealth of sales. No longer will you feel rejected time and time again once you start using the most effective sales technique you can ever use.

Visualization or in other words, Imaging
This is not to be taken lightly, rather used as one of the strongest sales techniques that result in more sales, time after time. The Power of Positive Imaging.

Here’s how it works. Before each sales call you make, before you ever get out of your car to see your potential client, visualize or image exactly how your presentation will go. See yourself as being confident, knowledgeable and understanding of the prospect’s situation. Image yourself making the perfect presentation, answering every question, resolving every issue, overcoming every objection thrown at you.

When you have this clearly fixed in your mind, when you fully believe you will make the sale, then you will. This simple but most effective sales technique will then start to become a part of every thing you do, not just in your sales career, which will start to excel, but in your everyday life as well.

Images are Stronger than Words
It’s true, images are stronger than words. Here is a quick test to prove the point. Think back to a movie you love, one that you may have seen several times. Remember a scene that was vital to the storyline, one that you can visualize with ease.

Now that you have that image in your mind, recall the script, the words of each actor during the scene. Which to you remember with ease? Which one is nothing more than faded light at the end of the day?

If you will start using this most effective sales technique right now, even before your next sales call, you will find that the yes you seek, will be easier to find. More yeses, more sales.

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