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Positive imaging. Does it hold any relevance in the world today? Better yet, how does it affect your sales career? How about your life? You may be thinking it is just a bunch of hogwash, but before you move on, let me challenge you with this little exercise.

Using Positive Imaging to Advance Your Career

Your vacation time is fast approaching. You decided on a fantastic vacation at the beach this year. All the magazines, books and travel guides are scattered across your desk. You see a picture of the perfect beach, golden sunsets, palm trees, white sand, and maybe a few delightful beverages.

That’s it, that’s the perfect beach. You can see yourself strolling along the sand with your family, laughing, having the time of your lives.

But first, you have to plan your trip. How much will it cost? You budget your money. You have a plan. You can see it. A perfect beach vacation getting closer.

Get the maps (okay Google maps) to plan your route. You can visualize each stop along the way. It’s fixed in your mind. (Are you starting to get the picture?)

Finally the day has arrived, you and the family hop in the SUV, everything is packed the beach is now permanently fixed in your brain. You know exactly what it will be like when you arrive.

There it is, the perfect beach you had imagined, the one you have been seeing in your mind for months. You have arrived.

The Power of Positive Imaging

Without imprinting that image in your mind, with using the power of positive imaging, your perfect vacation may never have happened.

You see, positive imaging is a power that comes straight from the bible. “So God created man in his own image…” comes from the first chapter of Genesis. Therefore let me ask you this. How can you deny this principle?

From this exercise you can understand how powerful images in your mind actually impact your actions and outcome.

You can use positive imaging in your sales career as well. Fix an image of yourself giving the best sales presentation of your life, then getting the order.

Put an image of landing that hard to get client in your brain. See him shaking your hand as you close the deal. Create positive thoughts. Adopt a positive attitude. Be all you are supposed to be. Start using the power of positive to make a change in your life. imaging

positive imaging
Learning to Use the Power of Imaging
There are no excuses. Your mind is one of the most powerful things on earth. And it’s all right there between your ears for you to tap into. To help you learn this proven power, a power from God Himself, I strongly suggest you get a copy of this book and commit to learning what it has to offer. It will show you how you have the power to change your life.

Positive Imaging – How You Can Use the Power in Your Career
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