proactive customer service planDo you have a proactive customer service plan? Should you have one? If you do, how is it working? If you don’t, why not? I can’t understand why any business wouldn’t have a proactive customer service plan in place. Simply letting sales reps, whether inside sales, outside sales or customer service reps just do their own thing with no direction or plan is a plan for ruins. Or at least total confusion which costs you money.

So how do you think a good customer service plan will affect your revenue, your bottom line? I can tell you this, without a plan in place, you are leaving money in your customer’s pocket. That’s money he could be spending with you.

Implementing a Proactive Customer Service Plan

How does it work? One way a plan of this nature works is similar to the way a fast food “order desk” if you will, works by up selling. “Do you want super-size fries with your order?”

The difference is a bit more subtle with often times greater results than just an add on sale.

Here’s an example of how you can implement your plan.

Let’s say your company has an online ordering system where your customers can login and place their own orders directly online. A system that allows them to place orders without your assistance.

A typical customer may call in an order where the phone rep takes the order then enters it into your system. This takes time that could be utilized on other things that require your direct participation.

When this occurs, the rep could offer this beneficial service to the customer explaining how it puts them in control. They can see exactly what they are ordering and get an immediate confirmation.

If you just ask, you will see that many of your customers will love this service you offer. After all, in a world of digital technology and online ordering, you will find that many of your customers would much rather order online. You simply have to teach your customer reps, both inside and outside, to offer this as “super-size fries” benefit.

One thing I don’t want you to misunderstand though, is the fact that nothing is a replacement for direct contact with the customer. But offering a service that the customer sees a benefit in puts you one step ahead of the game.

How the Plan Adds Revenue
Your proactive customer service plan offers value to the customer and not just a larger drink which they will waste over half of anyway. If you teach your inside sales reps how to offer related items in a way that the customer sees beneficial, you can easily add revenue to your order total. And bottom line.

When you add value, and in this case, long term value, you increase the value of your customer’s revenue earning potential. Tie them into your system and they are less likely jump ship. You have to keep checking on them as part of the plan and always be offering them something that will deepen the commitment. Ignore them or give the a poor customer service experience and you are headed for ruins.

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It’s up to you.
You can keep your “no plan” in place waiting for the imminent impending death or you can develop your own proactive customer service plan that creates superior loyalty. One that offers the customer benefits and services way beyond just asking for an up-sale.

Your Turn
Do you have such a plan in place? If you do, I would love to know about it. Leave a comment below so everyone can benefit.

Proactive Customer Service Plan | Without One It Can Lead to Ruins
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