sales-process-stepsSales process steps are a huge part of closing more sales and retaining your customers for the long haul. Like any other thing you do, it is the process that makes it repeatable for faster growth. The sad fact is, however, many sales people never realize there are actually processes they should follow that will outweigh all lower price objections.

This means you win the business, you keep the business.

Sales Process Steps

Everybody in sales should know about prospecting (using your blog), investigating & discovery, open ended questions, trial closing and the like. What many don’t realize is how to apply two very important sales process steps to the method of selling that are more powerful than any others.

Follow-up Proof of Savings.

These are the two sales process steps that so many simply ignore. No follow-up and no proof of savings. They make a sale and move on.

But what if there were other sales that could be made with the same customer? Do you put these two process in place in your selling method? Are you getting all that is available to you? Probably not.

So how do you implement these two steps to insure you are getting maximum return on the potential with your customer? Have you ever even thought much about it?

It’s pretty simple in my opinion.

First you develop a follow up letter, phone call, email or blog post that you can quickly apply once you make a sale. You let the customer know you appreciate their business, asking if they have further questions.

Now here’s the good part. You provide them with “insurance” letting them know you will work with them to insure they get the best return on the business that they are doing with you.

Next, you provide your customer who just gave you the purchase order with written proof of savings or cost savings.

Write them with a brief recap of the savings you provided and sign it. Then ask the customer to acknowledge the savings as well by signing it too.

This simple sales insurance is your ammunition should they ever decide to switch for a “lower price” from your competitor. Lower price should never compare to an overall cost reduction of doing business that you are providing.

These two sales process steps are something you should always insure you do. Learn them and learn to do them well. Once you do, you will not only make more sales, you keep more of the business you earn.

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Sales Process Steps that Outweigh the Lower Price Objection
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