Send a Card, Your Customer / Prospect will Remember You First

send a cardSend a card to make an impression. When was the last time you got a card? Was it from your mom on your birthday? Maybe your favorite aunt sent you one last Christmas. Does anyone even send you cards? A better question is; when was the last time you sent a card to your client or customer? How about a prospect? Have you ever sent her one?

If you have ever received a card from someone, and I do hope you have, how did it make you feel? Did it make you smile or maybe even laugh out loud? Was it a card that brought back fond memories? Regardless of the occasion, you remember how it made you feel.

Tip: Send a card. Your customers and prospects will remember you first.

Send a Card, Make an Impression

It may seem like such a trite gesture, however, the rewards can be much greater than you may expect. You see, everybody loves getting a personal, handwritten card in the mail. Notice I did not say an email. Believe it or not, there are times when the mail service is better than email.

When you do send a card to a prospect, you have to make it a handwritten card. It’s okay to have some that are printed with your logo, in fact, I recommend it. You can even have the front pre-printed with Thank You, Moving Forward, Congratulations, or anything that fits the occasion. Just be sure you handwrite the note inside as well as address the envelope.

Choose a card that stands out rather than the run of the mill, boring card.

  • Dare to be different.
  • Dare to stand out.

You may be thinking that this is a crazy idea, that nobody sends cards these days. That’s my point exactly! If you send a card and your competition is not, who do you think your prospect or customer will remember?

Insight: Your phone just might start ringing. You just may win a new deal.

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Think about this.

Your prospect has already done research on you, your company and your product. He has a rather good idea of what he needs, yet there is still that inkling of uncertainty. Should he choose your competition, or should he award you with the business?

If your competitor is not sending cards but you are, who stands out? Of course it’s you. This one simple gesture could be the difference. Try it. You just may be surprised.

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