social-media-networking-tipsOf all the social media networking tips you will ever find on this vast subject, there is one that you should never ignore. In fact, this one tip could be the difference in you making the sale or not. You have to connect digitally with prospects as well as your current customers.

I want you to think about this for a moment. Before the internet, and social media, how did you connect with people? There was no “Like” button, a tweet was a sound that a bird made and Google didn’t exist.

How did you make those valuable connections?

The #1 of All Social Media Networking Tips

If you think back on this your answer should be, you looked people in the eye and shook their hand. You made a real connection. Clicking on a “Like” button doesn’t make you my friend.

But when you look me in the eye and shake my hand, then we can begin to form a relationship that will lead to doing business together and quite possibly friends.

Social media networking tips are great, and there are thousands of them, but real connections are made by looking someone in the eye.

Connecting Digitally

Take a look this book: The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

I hear what you are thinking. How can I look someone in the eye if I’m not in front of them? Oh, but you are in front of your customers and prospects.

That is, if you have a blog and are using it to make those connections.

You see, having a blog is like cloning yourself so that you can be in front of your clients and prospects every second of every day of every year. It is an extension of you!

Your blog, of all the social media networking tips, works for you without sleep.

So just how do you use a blog to make those digital eye contact connections? You reach out and get personable.

Think of your internet search habits. When you are looking for information on contact software, what is more important? How the software works or the reputation of the guy selling it?

Both are important but if you don’t feel a connection thinking you can trust the seller, you move on. No sale. You keep looking.

In order for you to make that connection, look those who are looking at you, in the eye. Digitally. Make that connection.

Talk to them like they are standing right in front of you as though they are your best friend. Tell them the good along with the not so good about your product or service. Build rapport by looking them in their digital eyes.

When you learn the importance of this social media tip, then put it into your social media campaign, you will start seeing results your competition only dreams about. You can’t look into anyones eyes, when yours are closed.

If you are looking for social media networking tips, this is where you start.

The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

Your Turn
Tell me how you are using or are going to use this tip tomorrow morning?

Social Media Networking Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore
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