Subtly Selling Services One on One: 65 Golden Nuggets

Whether you are selling services, products or ideas, this article will hopefully provide you some insight to not only your ability, but how you should approach a career in sales.

No matter what career we choose in life, we all sell. We are selling our ideas to our friends, we are selling services, and we sell ourselves to our potential mate.

Our ability to help a person choose to accept the idea, product or service we are selling determines our success, the success of our business, and even the jobs of many who have a part in producing what we are selling.

Furthermore, it determines whether or not we can say “Yes” to our spouse and children when they ask us to buy something they want or need. It can determine how you feel about yourself and what others think about you.

The Balance of Selling Services, Products or Ideas

Most of all, we all have to balance the burden of needing the sale with the ethics required to live an honest respectable life. If we step across the line from helping a person get what they need to deceiving a person to buy what you need, the short term gains can lead to long term problems. This can be especially true if you are selling services.

Struggles lead to success

We all struggle from time to time as we try to find the path to success. You may find you are like me, a quiet and reserved person, who does not like to pressure someone to make a decision and wish you had the outgoing personality of someone you admire.

Because of this, I have many times thought to myself that if I could be more like someone else I would be more successful. It took me many years to look at myself, learn to develop the skills I did have, and I then found my personality had many advantages. When I began to look at what I have instead of what I did not have, every area of my life took off with great results.

Golden Nuggets

I turned 60 years old this year and took some time to reflect on my life. I began to write down the little things I had learned that helped me achieve success along the way. None were my original ideas.

They are nuggets that have been passed down by others over time. They are ideas that you are likely to have heard but if you did not see their value, it would be just like walking by a nugget of gold on the ground and thinking it is just another rock.

Each idea that came to mind, I called a golden nugget. The list grew and soon I had 65 golden nuggets that I felt were the core of my success. I recently published them in a book and the reception has been phenomenal. I will share a few of them with you.

What I Learned

The first nugget I learned from Zig Ziglar. He is deceased now but fortunately, his life’s work is recorded in books and audio. He was a great speaker and if you can get his work on audio, it’s fun and educational.

His message is “You can get whatever you want in life if you will just help enough people get what they want.” That sentence is successful selling in a nutshell. Great salespeople help other people get what they want or need. Just adjusting your thinking can make a huge difference when you are struggling.

The second nugget I discuss is to always remember the importance of communicating needs and benefits in a way that creates a desire for your product or service. When your customer fully understands their needs and the benefits of your product or service they will want what you are offering.

The third nugget is the way you develop confidence is by repeating what is working and changing what is not. Sometimes the smallest tweak in how you discuss your product can be the difference in good and great.

When you are having success, repeat what you are doing. When you are not, look for simple ways to change your presentation. Soon you will find a presentation that works for you in selling services, products or ideas.

These three ideas can make a difference in your sales. Try them out. If you find them valuable there are many more discussed in more detail in my book.

Subtly Selling Services One On One: 65 Golden Nuggets to Confidently Master Low Pressure Selling.

It is available in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore as an eBook and in print. You do not have to own a Kindle reader, just get the free app for your tablet, computer or phone.

Bonus Nugget
The last paragraph demonstrates a bonus nugget: Always ask for the sale. Those that don’t ask for the sale usually don’t get the sale. Zig Ziglar would say, remember, you are a salesperson, not a professional visitor.

About the Author

david-nixDr. David Nix is a graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry ASDA. He is the owner of The Smile Spa in Irving, TX. Dr. Nix has created a very successful dentistry practice which was founded on his “Golden Nuggets” of success. In his new eBook, Subtly Selling Services One on One, he shares his 65 golden nuggets that have helped him become successful. Many times we are looking for a “secret” that will give us great success. The reality is the path to success is not hard to find when you have a collection of simple ideas and tools to guide you and help you overcome problems. These are the ideas and tools that worked for me.

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Subtly Selling Services One On One: 65 Golden Nuggets to Confidently Master Low Pressure Selling

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