nsrSuccessful prospecting strategies designed to uncover more high level sales leads starts with knowing the process to land them. It goes way beyond simply picking up the phone and blindly fumbling your way through an initial prospecting phone call. If you want to uncover more leads, you have to be savvy in today’s digital world.

Uncovering Leads with Successful Prospecting Strategies

Leads are everywhere. But did you know you are missing out on lots of potential high level sales leads? That’s right. Leads are right under you nose. Or should I say, right at your fingertips.

No longer can you simply pick up the phone, dial a number and expect to land a high level sales lead. Let alone an appointment. Driving mile after mile, knocking on one door after another just doesn’t produce a high level of sales leads.

What’s the strategy I should use?

It's no longer 1990. Today, more sales leads are generated using successful prospecting strategies. Click To Tweet

It is no longer 1950 not even the 1990s. Today, more sales leads are generated with a couple of very successful prospecting strategies.

Inbound marketing and social media. These are the most used strategies to generate not only the number of leads you need, but qualified leads in today’s digital world.

Inbound marketing is one of the most talked about, and successful prospecting strategies in the new world of digital sales. Actually, it’s not so new anylonger. Since the concept of inbound marketing, which began between 1999 and 2003, blogging has spurred the availability of information to your customers like no other time in history. Blogging and a website designed to capture leads are becoming more important to generate growth in a company.

How to think of inbound marketing.
When you have a need for a product or service, or just information, what do you do? That’s right, you Google it. You turn to the internet to find what you want. And get this. So does your prospect.

If you are not participating in the digital world, then you have no means to capture this excellent source of sales leads.

This is why it is critical for companies to have websites designed to capture the prospect’s name and email address. Not only a website, but one that provides top quality information about your grand prize winning widget by blogging.

The Process to Capturing More Sales Leads
Of all the successful prospecting strategies, blogging and inbound marketing tops the list.

The process to get started is simple. Continuing the process takes a strategy, a plan and dedication.

    1. Your website. If you already have a website, and you should, are you blogging about your products and services? If not, start now. If your prospects can’t find you, they will certainly find your competitor.

    2. Mapping your strategy. You have to determine exactly what it is that you want to accomplish with your inbound marketing. It should be to generate leads. Know how you want to blog. Be certain to tell the not so good, with all the good about your product and service.

    3. Plan your blogging time. If you have a certain time of the day that works best for you, make it part of your blogging plan. A schedule will help you stick to your plan.

    4. Capture those leads. Be absolutely certain that you have a means to capture the name and email address of all visitors that come to your site. If they are truly interested in your product, they will be happy to give up their name and email to receive your information.

    5. Marketing to your leads. Now that you have started capturing those valuable sales leads, what do you do with them? You now have their permission to tell them more about your stuff. One of the best methods is to use an autoresponder for your emails. This is a great way to stay in touch in this digital world.

Successful prospecting strategies include a website designed to capture sales leads. When you blog about your products and services, your prospects have a higher chance of finding you, not your competitor. Keeping in touch with your prospects is critical and using an email autoresponder is the perfect strategy.

This is a digital world. The day of prospecting door to door is just a waste of time and resources. You are a professional salesperson. Don’t blend in, start your own blog.

Tell everybody who you are and why your product or service will solve their problems. Let your prospects and anyone who visits your blog or website know you are the absolute authority in your market.

How? With these successful prospecting strategies.

Successful Prospecting Strategies that Uncover High Level Leads
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