closing a sale
Closing a sale or making a deal is a top goal of most sales people. Maybe not the ultimate goal, but one that we as salespeople enjoy reaching. Closing a sale. Not much makes a salesperson happier. But do you know what the best day to close the deal is?

Closing a Sale

According to an article recently read from the HubSpot sales blog, Friday is not the best day for closing a sale. In fact, according to their data, 9.8 million opportunities were analysed, and Friday is not the day to close.

The data shows that nearly 40% more deals were lost on Fridays as compared to the other days of the week.

So what is the best day for closing a sale? They say Tuesday. That’s the day with the highest close rate. That may be so, but it doesn’t mean it is the “best” day closing a sale. It just indicates there are more sales closed on Tuesday.

This is how I see it.

Being the excellent salesperson you are, you are always in sync with the sales process. This includes closing. If you have presented your product or your deal to your customer, or even a new prospect, you will know when they are ready to buy. If you are not certain, just ask them. It can be as simple as asking, “are you ready to close this deal?” If they are, sign here! If not, that’s okay as long as you keep the communication open.

It doesn’t matter if it is Friday, if the timing is right, then closing a sale on Friday or Tuesday or any day is the right day.

One point to remember here is that the data did not say there were no sales closed on Fridays. Just be clear on the indicators and you will find that when the prospect is ready to sign, you to will be ready for closing the sale.

The Best Day for Closing a Sale According to 9.8 Million Opportunities
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