types-of-sales-positionsThere are lots of different types of sales positions which can make choosing the right position for a new sales rep difficult. Depending on your interests and personality type will play a huge part in which type you should choose.

My first suggestion for you is to pick a position that suits your personality. If you are extremely outgoing, you may want to consider outside sales. On the other hand, if you are more analytical you may opt for inside sales.

The Two Primary Types of Sales Positions

To help you make a choice on what type sales job you should consider, I have compiled this list of some of the various types of sales positions you will encounter.

By no means is it a complete list but it will definitely give you something to consider as you start your search for your first sales position.

  1. Inside Sales – One of the more common types of sales positions, the inside sales rep plays a huge role in the success of a company. This position can include phone responsibilities, counter sales or any other selling process that is inside the company offices.
  2. Outside Sales – This is one of the most coveted sales positions among all the other. Primary responsibilities include: prospecting, appointment setting, face to face presentations, relationship building, winning customers and the sale. It requires a special type person, with a highly likable personality in order to be highly successful.

Within these two types of sales positions there are many types of sales. From car sales to pharmaceutical sales from counter sales to phone sales, there is a position suited just for you.

Examples of Outside Sales

  • Distributor Sales – Working for a distributor selling products face to face which is also known as B2B or Business to Business.
  • Manufacturer’s Rep – In this position you will be working for a manufacturer who makes products and sells them via an independent rep who then sets up distributors to sell the products.
  • Example of Inside Sales

  • Distributor Sales – As an inside sales rep for a distributor, selling over the phone is one of the primary responsibilities. Many times you will simply be taking customer orders as they call them in to you.
  • Online Internet Sales – Many companies use inside sales reps with online skills to generate sales via social media. Selling in this manner is not just about posting to one of the services, you have to get to know and engage your prospects and customers.
  • More Types of Sales Positions to Consider
    Car Sales
    Pharmaceutical Sales
    Medical Sales
    Electrical Sales
    Retail Sales
    Industrial Sales
    Chemical Sales
    Janitorial Sales
    Heavy Equipment Sales
    Food & Beverage Sales

    As you can see, there are as many types of sales positions as there are industries and retail segments. Selling is what makes our commerce system thrive.

    I hope this list of sales positions will help you in making your decision as you start on your new sales career.


    If you have questions about a sales position, you can ask me your questions and I will be happy to help you out.

    Or if you prefer, you can simply leave a comment in the section below.

    Types of Sales Positions for New Reps to Consider
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