3 Up Selling Strategies to Build Loyalty & Make Money

up selling strategiesAs a new sales rep, or even a seasoned pro, up selling strategies should be a huge part of your sales processes. This is one of the easiest techniques that allow you to not only make more money, but it allows you to provide extra value to your customer or prospect.

An up-sell is simply offering a complimentary item or accessory to the main product you are offering. As long as you show the value in your up selling strategy you will let your customer know you have his or her best interest in mind.

Defining Up Selling Strategies

To define the term, think of it in terms of your favorite fast food burger joint. You order a burger and a drink. What does the order taker ask? “Do you want fries with your burger.” Or they could ask to “super-size” your drink for just seventy-five cents more.

“Hey, why not” you ask yourself. After all, it’s less than a dollar. True, but to the owner of the burger joint, it equates to an increase in revenue. Not only does the owner add revenue to his bottom line, you feel good because you think you got a great deal. Everybody is happy. Life is good.

Examples You Can Use

Regardless of which industry you are in, you can use up-selling strategies to increase your bottomline. Here are a few examples you can implement into your selling process.

    1. Always suggest a complementary product. If you sell vacuum cleaners, offer bags or carpet freshener. Your customer will have to have these sooner or later so why not offer them with the initial sale?
    2. Add the warranty. How many times have you purchased a product such as a cell phone and the sales rep offers an extended warranty? If you think about it, pretty much everytime.
    3. Suggest a better model. If the product your customer is looking to purchase is not your best, suggest the better model and show them the benefits in choosing it.

Be Cautious with Up Selling Strategies
It’s one thing to try up selling your customer but you have to use caution. You don’t want to come off as being pushy or unconcerned for the customer. You must always have their best interest in mind.

If the up-sell doesn’t fit, don’t push it. Know when to offer it and how to tactfully let your customer know it is the better choice.

When you use these up selling strategies you can, and if used properly, not only increase your income but build more loyalty with your customer. They will see you as knowledgeable, an expert who knows and understands their needs.

Using your up selling strategies is another piece of the entire selling process. Keep your customer’s interest first and foremost in mind, then you will have all you need.

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Good selling.

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