What Is Lead Generation? Why New Sales Reps Should Make It Priority

what is lead generationWhat is lead generation? First, I’ll bet being a new sales rep you want to jump straight into the thick of “making sales” because that’s what salespeople do. Make sales. But did you ever stop to ask yourself how all the successful sales people you see and read about make sales? A better question, how do they keep making sales?

It may seem obvious, but can you answer the question, what is lead generation? You very well may have an idea of what it is, but can you do it. Can you do it to the point where you will always meet your sales quota? Do you have a system or specific method you use to generate leads? Does the company you work for generate leads for you?

What Is Lead Generation

So that you will be clear and understand exactly what lead generation is, let me define it for you according to Wikipedia.

In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.

Okay, so what exactly does that mean? To put it in words you will easily understand, no leads, no sales. No sales, you have hungry kids.

A lead is your life line. A lead is your future customer or client. A lead is your paycheck. Lead generation should be a priority for you.

Now that we have that cleared up, and you know the answer to “what is lead generation” let’s define it in terms of what it means to you as a new sales rep.

Lead generation is where you are actively applying everything you know in order to persuade someone to give you a piece of their time to allow you to build a connection with them. Notice I did not say “sell” them. You first have to connect.

Lead generation is applying everything you know to persuade someone to give you a piece of their time.… Click To Tweet

You can generate leads a number of ways. Once you have a lead, you have to make the connection that will turn them into a customer.

Here are 5 excellent ways to start generating leads that will lead to customers which without you have no business.

  1. Google – If you want to know anything, just turn to Google. Whether you use a simple search for businesses you would like to sell to, or search someone’s name. You can find it on Google.
  2. Trade Shows – If you use trade shows for lead generation, be sure that you are giving more leads than you receive. Why? The more people you help with their leads, the more they will tell others about you.
  3. Read – You will find that the more you read about your industry and products, the more ideas you will come up with. You will learn what types of businesses are using your competitor’s product. That’s a lead. Call them.
  4. Twitter – What, you are not on Twitter? You should be. Your customers and future customers are. They are looking for someone to buy a product just like yours from. You can follow me here.
  5. LinkedIn – Using LinkedIn just may be the best method of generating qualified leads. Leads that will turn into customers who keep coming back and bring their friends. You can find me on Linkedin here.

Are there other methods to generate sales leads? Absolutely. But to keep from overwhelming you, these are five of my favorite methods. If you learn to work each of these areas and apply what you learn, your lead generation will start to fill your sales funnel.

Once you get it rolling, don’t stop. Find another method that you can master. Start filling your sales funnel using lead generation so your kids won’t go hungry.

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